Join us for MicroArt on Display!


The American Society for Microbiology - Texas Medical Center chapter is organizing a free scientific art event called MicroArt on Display, as part of the American Society for Microbiology Microbe 2023 conference happening this June.

MicroArt will be an exhibition of art created by local and national scientists, highlighting the beauty and intricacy behind research. You can get a preview of the featured pieces on our Facebook page.


This event will take place at the MATCH gallery (3400 Main Street, Houston TX 77002) on Sunday June 18th from 6:30-8:30pm. There will be appetizers, drink options, and an opportunity to meet some of the people behind our featured art pieces.

We hope you can stop by and enjoy this event of science and art!

Special thanks to the support provided by our sponsors: American Society for Microbiology & Texas Branch of the American Society for Microbiology


Congratulations to our Top 10 images from the 2023 MicroArt Contest!

First place winning image by Mark Martin & Jennifer Quinn

Luminaries of Microbiology
Portraits of influential women in the microbial sciences, including Rosalind Franklin (structure of DNA), Esther Lederberg (bacteriophage lambda, replica plating, F-factor), Rita Colwell (marine microbiology and first female Director of the National Science Foundation), and Jennifer Doudna (Nobel Prize for CRISPR genome editing)



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